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Shift from brick-and-mortar retail to e-commerce

This is a Melodious Instruments Shop that was run in physical business by a family previously.

  • Firstly, our store has essential functions for online shopping
  • To give customers immersive shopping experience, our project employs the usage of 3D instruments preview and instruments playing games in our website.
  • Our shop is original in allowing customers to interact with 3D models to customise their preferred instruments, which have not gained much prevalence in current e-commerce.

In the context of the pandemic, the family-owned instruments local shop was forced to close their physical business and is now anticipating e-commerce as a auxiliary or alternative sales channel.

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Preview 3D Instruments

You can view instruments in 3D forms,
giving you a more comprehensive about the instruments.

Customize 3D Instruments

You can customize your preferred 3D instruments, better catering to your preferences.

Smart Instruments Recognition

Our store can better identify your preferred instruments
by using advanced technologies.

Playing Instruments Games

You can have immersive shopping experience by playing instruments online.

Ordering and Delivery

You can order your desired instruments. We will deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Cultural Communication

Our store specially designed Chinese instruments zone and Western instruments zone,
facilitating the communication between different cultures.

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In the context of the pandemic, the family-owned instruments local shop was forced to close their physical business and is now anticipating e-commerce as a auxiliary or alternative sales channel.

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Adroit Design, Technical, Operation Team

Our team members are equipped with abilities to provide your a satisfied shopping experience.

Happy Clientsmany consumers give positive feedback to our store

Modernizationadapt the physical business to e-commerce

Years of experienceour family-owned instruments store has been run for several years

Originalityto better cater to users' needs, our store employ new features that are unprecedented in physical store and e-commerce to make it more appealing to customers.

Wang Yuyang

Ceo & Founder

I inherited this instruments from my grandparents. It suffers a lot during the pandemic. But now we are moving it online to make it accessible to our potential customers.

Yang Liuxin


I am responsible for the online operations of our instruments selling store. I hope such a illustrious retail could survive the pandemic and even attract more customers.

Zhan Yi

Store Owner

I am the manager of the online instruments store. I shoulder the responsibility of deciding the long-term strategies.

Weng Han


I am a recruiter of the instruments store. The highly respected store hires me to incorporate the 3D elements into our e-commerce to make it more attractive.

Ma Zixiao


I am the receptionist of the website. I will recommend instruments to you based on your preferences. If you have any questions or requests, please contact me freely.

Chen Zheyu



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Walter White

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Jhonson

Product Manager

William Anderson


Amanda Jepson



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Beijing University of Technology, Pingleyuan 100, Beijing



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