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LV-110 Pramberger Piano

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The Pramberger Signature (formerly known as J. Pramberger) is a more modestly priced instrument from Indonesia whose design is based on the former Korean-built Young Chang version. This line uses Samick’s Pratt-Reed Premium action, Renner or Abel hammers, and a Bolduc (Canadian) solid spruce soundboard. The institutional verticals in this line have all-wood cabinet c…


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Note: Samick’s Pratt-Reed Premium action should not be confused with the Pratt-Read action used in many American-made pianos in the mid to late 20th century and eventually acquired by Baldwin. Samick says its Pratt-Reed action, designed by its research and development team and based on the German Renner action, is made in Korea.

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The Pramberger Legacy, the newest addition to the Pramberger line, has a veneer-laminated “surface tension” soundboard, and provides a reasonably priced option for the budget-minded consumer. These models were formerly sold under the Remington label. (The Remington brand is no longer a regular part of the Pramberger lineup, but is available to dealers on special order.)

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"Great Instrument"

A great instrument!

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"Yes I love it"

Highly recommended!

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LV-110 Pramberger Piano

LV-110 Pramberger Piano

$9000.0 -$90.0 $10000.0